Who is the Bement Lions Club, and What does it do?

First, you should know what the Lions Club is. The Lions Club was founded in 1917 in Chicago Illinois by Melvin Jones. The Lions mission statement has grown over the years but has always incorporated the powerful vision To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding. This vision comes from a simple but empowering idea,'what if people put their talents to work improving their communities?' The Lions Club as of 2016 is represented in approcximately 147 countries world wide with over 46,000 individual clubs.

The Bement Lions Club was chartered in 1941 as a "Not For Profit" organization, and as of 2016 is registered as a legal not for profit entity under Bement Lions Club Inc. So what is a Bement Lion you ask. Well we are a group of people from all walks of life, and we hold to that same ideal, to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding. A Bement Lions Club member volunteers their time, and efforts to support and improve his or her's community and surrounding areas. We do so by direct involvement such as fund raisers, and the sweat of our brow if need be. We supply funding assistance for deserving causes, support of local activities, and to individual groups or persons seeking assistance. Bement Lions Club also supports the eye glass and hearing aid recycling programs by collecting gently used prescription glasses and hearing aids, then either directly distributing the items to people, or transporting those items to the Illinois Lions collection centers.

The Club recently undertook a major step in growing it's community support role when it purchased what is now the Bement Lions Club Community building located on Highway 105 in Bement. This new facility greatly improves the clubs ability to provide and serve for our community in a variety of ways, from an open venue for meetings, to fund rasing events, and business oppurtunities.

In Summary, our motto says it best..We Serve!

1941 Charter Members:

Francis A. Anderson Rev. Charles J. Kinrade
W.C. Bell Ray S. Kintner
Alfred E. Bodman Ernest R. Koepping
Loren Bowen Howard Lamb
L.R. Brandenburg F.E. Lincicum
Dr. A.M. Bruner E.E. Logan
J.B. Byerline J.H. Malkus
Raymond B. Carpenter A.T. McPherson
C.C. Craig Dr. W.G. McPherson
Glen Durbin Ralph Moery
Ernest Dye Harry C. Roberts
Harry Eaton Carl E. Schaeffer
Loren L. Fenstermaker Eugene Schooley
Homer H. Fields Dan F. Siders
Grover Fisher Ralph R. Siders, Jr.
J.O. Fisher Ralph R. Siders, Sr.
Earl S. Folk Harry E. Slusser
Ed Glennon E.A. Stout
John Hardimon Everett Strohl
Elmer Haynes Andrew Swenson
Clyde J. Hill Carl R. Thompson
Dallas Hill Gail Tiffin
Howard Y. Hill Lew Wilkinson
L.A. Hodam Oscar Winzenburger
Ed Kanitz Bryan Wilson

Our Current Officers and Board Members!

  • Shelia GreenWood

    Club President

  • Jeff Funk

    Club 1st Vice President

  • Mollie Stevens

    2nd Vice President

  • Cary Hinton

    Club Secretary

  • Kendra Jayne

    Club Treasurer

  • Bob Stevens

    Club Tail Twister

  • Ken Wright

    Club Lion Tamer

  • Jim Haynes

    Board Member

  • Bill Bell

    Board Member

  • Gail LeFever

    Board Member

Past Presidents:

1941 - Harry C. Roberts 1978 - Eugene Wright
1942 - Lew Wilkinson 1979 - Clyde Fay
1943 - E. A. Stout 1980 - William F. Tracy II
1944 - A. E. Bodman 1981 - Richard Mills
1945 - L. A. Hodam 1982 - Richard Mills
1946 - H. E. Slusser 1983 - Jimmie L. Smith
1947 - R. B. Jones 1984 - Mark Hudson
1948 - George Wilkinson 1985 - Kenneth Wright
1949 - R. N. Holloway 1986 - Steve Swaim
1950 - David P. Marker 1987 - Rev. Wm Hudspeth
1951 - John F. Glennon 1988 - Jeff Funk
1952 - Lynn Crook 1989 - Tim Tracy
1953 - James Raglan 1990 - Joe Thompson
1954 - Carl J. Edwards 1991 - Andy Warren
1955 - Glen Durbin 1992 - Joe Durbin
1956 - Frank Yeates, Jr. 1993 - Tom Walsh
1957 - John Walsh 1994 - Ray Spry
1958 - William Gorrell 1995 - Bob Stevens
1959 - Carl T. Redman 1996 - John W. Hendrix
1960 - Floyd Larimore 1997 - Todd Scott
1961 - Ralph Wright 1998 - Ron Mulvaney
1962 - John R. Funk 1999 - Brian Malone
1963 - Guy Totten 2000 - Ed Pfau
1964 - Lynn Rainey 2001 - Gene Schnierle
1965 - Paul Durst 2002 - John Gillespie
1966 - Rev. Russell Lester 2003 - Curtis Dillow
1967 - Jim Womer 2004 - Tom Alblinger
1968 - Rev. Merritt 2005 - Ed Clack
1969 - Phillip Challand 2006 - Blaine Watson
1970 - Barney Camden 2007 - Tom Kinsella
1971 - Duane R. Bowdre 2008 - Joe Wittmer
1972 - Lee Barnhart 2009 - Jim Haynes
1973 - Ray Walsh 2010 - Gail LeFever
1974 - Richard Thomas 2011 - Kendra Jayne
1975 - Eugene Wright 2012 - Jeff Funk
1976 - Rev. William Craig 2014 - Kenneth Wright
1977 - Rev. Russell Lester 2015 - Kenneth Wright
1978 - Eugene Wright 2016 - Shelia GreenWood