Services List

  • EyeGlass Collection and Distrabution for the local scholl district.

    Lions Club provides a drop off point and distrabution for gently used prescription eye glasses.

  • Vision and Hearing Screenings.

    Lions Club participates in local Screenings.

  • Bement and Eastern Illinois Food Bank Supportr

    The Lions Club provides support for local area food banks.
    Read More on the Right.

  • Support for Habitat for Humanity

    The Lions Club provides labor and financial support for Habitat for Humanity.

  • Special Needs Assistance

    The Lions Club provides additional support avenues for local individuals.

  • Newspapers in Education

    The Lions Club provides local area newspapers for classroom eduction.

  • Boys' State Participants.

    The Lions Club provides support to send local area students to the Boys' State program.

  • Service Learning Scholarship.

    The Lions Club provides an annual scholarship to the Bement School District.

  • Supporting the Eagle Scouts

    The Lions Club provides provides support for local area Eagle Scouts.

  • Additional Local School Support

    The Lions Club provides additional support services such as After Prom and Parking Attendants at Football Games .

  • Youth Summer Sports

    The Lions Club provides support for youth league softball and baseball.

  • Easter Egg Hunt

    The Lions Club provides support for local Easter Egg Hunt.

  • Halloween Costume Event

    A Costume Prize Event Every Halloween.

  • Ol' Glory Days

    The Lions Club provides support for this annual town event.

Fund Raising Event List

  • Spring Extravaganza

    Annual Fund Raising Event Each Spring. Read More on the Right.

  • Chicken Dinner

    A New Annual Event. Occuring each year on Ol'Glory Days Festival.
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  • Trivia Night

    New Event. Come play team trivia with the Lions Club of Bement. Read More on the Right.

  • Trash Bag Sales

    Year Round sale of 30gal. and 55 gal. Trash Bags.

Event Details!

The Spring Extranvaganza was originally organized for the first time over 2 decades ago by current club members at that time. While it was a leap of faith at the time not knowing how such an event would be received, it has turned out to be the clubs largest fund raising event, which supplies the club with a significant portion of the funds that it distributes. This includes but not limited to, the support of the local community events, scholarships, individual assistance to those in the community, summer youth sports, and much... much more.
The annual fund raiser each year is typically held between late March - April time frame. The event is a ticket driven event selling only 200 top prize ($5,000) eligible tickets each year, while supplying a multitude of other ways to win some serious prizes.Such as , fifty-fifty drawings, raffles, paramutuel boards, and side games.

The Lions Club Chicken Dinner has come to the community as of June 2016. The current plan is that the dinner will be held each summer during the Ol' Glory Days Festival. Thes event somewhat replaces the old chicken fry event that the club used to provide. We say somewhat of a replacement in that this new annual event ( or so we hope to be annual event) has many more serving options available than just chicken and beans. The meal will of course feature fried chicken, but now there are several sides to choose from including salad and a drink. All which is served up by our Bement Lions Club members.
While the Chicken Dinner event most likely will not be as big a fund raiser as the Spring Extravaganza, it does provide some small monitary amount that is then used to support the community, either directly or in support of the Bement Lions Club Community Center. So we invite you to come visit us for the next chicken dinner, have some great food , at a low cost, for a great cause.

A brand new event for the club. The first trivia night will be held this Decemnber 10th, 2016. We are not sure yet if this will be an annual event, a random event, or a one shot deal, however, it will be fun! The events longevity and reoccurrance will depend upon the publics response. So we are hoping to see a good turnout so that we can continue providing this fun event.
The fundraising from this event will assist in providing for the community by subsidizing the Bement Lions Club Community Center overhead. Funds will be used to keep the center open and opperating in all four seasons.