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Chicken Diner and Beer Garden
When: June 10th 2017
Where: Bement Lions Club Community Building.

We Have Trash Bags!!!

30 gallon box of 100 - $20.00

55 gallon box of 25 - $15.00

55 gallon case (6 X25) - 75.00

Ask a Member how to buy some or Contact Us

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What's also at the Bement Lions Club Community Building

The Community building owned and operated by the lions club of Bement also plays host to a variety of other services that support the surrounding area. Below are a few of those other services.

  • Individual Event Rental Space

    Do you have an event, birthday party, awards ceremony, or family reunion coming up and need a space to fit everyone in? The Lions Club Community building may be just what you are looking for. The community building has a large open floor plan, and the club can supply tables and chairs for small or large groups. Contact a member to find out more or go to the Contact Us Page.

  • 217 Fitness

    Need to get back in shape, or maybe you are looking to maintain what you already have. 217 fitness has expanded into the lions community building. Offering individual or group workouts with plenty of room to shake and move your way into shape.

Lions News

Join the Party of the Century in Chicago

“I celebrate myself,” the great poet Walt Whitman wrote. Lions have been doing a lot of that as our Centennial approaches in June. Lions in New England saluted our anniversary on a scoreboard during the Patriot’s first football game this season. Texas Lions threw a birthday bash at a hotel and celebrated with a decorated cake, flags, horns and 100 balloons. The Blandon Lions Club in Pennsylvania welcomed hundreds of people for free food, music, raffles and children’s games and wisely let people know who Lions are and what we do.